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What is the best Mosquito Zapper 2022

There are many ways to control, repel, and Kill mosquitoes at home, and using a mosquito zapper is one of them.

Although mosquitoes have several benefits such as help in pollination the detriment outdo the benefit.

Mosquitoes can be quite annoying with their nasty bite that leaves you irritated or cause diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Yellow Fever, and Zika Viruses.

Therefore, there is an excellent reason to get rid of them.

What is a Mosquito Zapper?

It is an electronic device that helps kill the Mosquito by electrocution. The device uses electric shock, which transfers electric current into mosquito body electrocute and eventually kills them.

Mosquito zapper Comparison table

NameImagewattscoverageWhere to buy
Flowtron BK-40Doutdoor bug zapper151 acreBuy Amazon
Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat1202-acreBuy Amazon
Flowtron FC-7600 flowtron bug zapper401200 sq feetBuy Amazon
Black Flag Handheld Bug ZapperHandheld bug zapper2750 voltswatterBuy Amazon
Stinger Cordless Rechargeable Insect ZapperCordless bug zapper625sq feetBuy Amazon
Koramzi Electronic Insect Killer18Buy Amazon
SereneLife UV200+sq feetBuy Amazon
 Black Flag BZCBlack flag bug zapper20Buy Amazon
Oneshot Ninja 1200 VBuy Amazon
Stinger On-The-Go Bug Zapper Racket2000VBuy Amazon
Black Flag BZB-10N Mosquito zapper9Buy Amazon
Hoont Bug Zapper Light BulbHoont bug zapper7500sq feetBuy Amazon
Aspectek Electronic Bug ZapperElectronic bug zapper206000sq feetBuy Amazon
Hoont Electric Indoor ZapperHoont bug zapper206000sq feetBuy Amazon
GSI Solar Powered bug zapper360-400mmBuy Amazon

How does Mosquito zapper work?

Mosquito zapper uses light to attract mosquitoes. The source of light is surrounded by mesh, which is energized with a low voltage current.

When the light attracts mosquitoes, they attempt to pass through the electrified mesh and are electrocuted.

Do mosquito zapper work?

We all know Mosquito is attracted to light. So Mosquito zapper uses light to attract the Mosquito, so this indicates the device works.

What determines how effective the mosquito zapper is in its brightness and color?

The lamp that produces brighter light provides a better result.

When it comes to color, mosquitoes do not recognize all the colors the same. Blue or green colors appeal to mosquitoes, so the lamp that has such colors provides a better result. Yellow and red color does not lure Mosquito.

There is research done by the University of Guelph study on the effectiveness of zappers at killing mosquitoes. The researchers have shown that the bug zappers use UV light to draw a large number of mosquitoes and others biting.

But Mosquitoes are attracted more to carbon dioxide people, or animals exhale.

The main reason why they insist the bug zapper does not work is that mosquitoes are more attracted to carbon dioxide than UV light.

When the Mosquito sees a UV light in the yard or house, they move toward it.

But once they sense carbon dioxide or human sweat, they change the direction because they are sure they will find blood to suck.

The University of Guelph found out that only 4% that mosquito zapper kills are female biting Mosquitoes while 95.5% are other insects.

To improve the effectiveness of mosquito zapper, the researchers have come up with the idea of adding mosquito attractants like octanol that are more appealing to insects.

Other insects except female Mosquitoes attracted to the zapper light are fruit fly, blow fly, house fly, crane fly, cluster fly, drain fly, moth, bees, wasps, fireflies, and beetles.

What do you consider when buying a mosquito zapper?

When purchasing a mosquito zapper, there are things you need to check so that you come home with an effective device. Such things include:

  • Bulb brightness

As we have said, earlier lamps that produce brighter light provide a better result.

When measuring bulb brightness, you should check the number of lumens the bulb has and not watts. So lamp with a high number of lumen produces brighter light. The mosquito zapper should have 1000 lumen.

Since most people are used to watts, you can use the link below to find the lumen to watt calculator.


Also, the LED bulb produces more brightness than incandescent bulbs.

To conclude, the LED bulb is capable of catching more Mosquitoes than incandescent bulbs. Also, the LED lamp consumes less energy and lasts longer.

  • Power supply

Mosquito zapper requires a source of energy to operate there are some which are USB powered, solar-powered, electric powered, and battery-powered.

  • Where to use the device

The mosquito zapper can be used either indoor or outdoor.

So make sure if you want an indoor zapper choose the one meant for indoor or vice versa.

Also, zappers attract more Mosquito, but Mosquito is more sensitive to carbon dioxide or human sweat than UV light.

Once they detect the carbon dioxide or sweat, they change the direction because they are sure they will find blood to suck. So keep the zapper away from you.

  • Easy to clean

Most Mosquito zapper has a catch tray that holds the dead insect that has been killed by the gadget.

The tray should be easy to clean, and if your device does not have a tray make sure it is easy to clean the surrounding area of dead flying insects.

  • Warranty
  • Range

Find the product that will cover enough area you want to be protected.

  • Safety

When it comes to safety, this is something you are supposed to consider. You know how babies or pets are tempted to touch a thing, but this is not something you are supposed to worry about.

Mosquito zapper has a high voltage that is enough to zap flying insects but low to electrocute human beings.

Others to minimize the risk have the plastic casing the protects you, baby, or pet when they touch.

  • Types of mosquito zapper

Mosquito zapper swatter 

mosquito zapper swatter

It is an electric grid that is charged to kill the flying insect.

Shop for the best mosquito zapper swatter

1#Zap It Bug Zapper Rechargeable Bug Zapper RacketBuy From Amazon
2#Faicuk 2-Pack Handheld Bug Zapper Racket Electric Mosquito KillerBuy From Amazon
3#The Executioner Fly Killer Mosquito Swatter Racket Wasp Bug Zapper Indoor Outdoor Over 50cm LongBuy From Amazon
4#Black Flag Handheld Bug Zapper - 2-Pack, 1 Black and 1 PinkBuy From Amazon
5#Nobug Bug Zapper Electric Fly Swatter Handheld 3000volt Mosquito Fly Gnat Zapper RacketBuy From Amazon
6#Zap It Bug Zapper Rechargeable Bug Zapper Racket, 4,000 Volt, USB Charging CableBuy From Amazon
7#Bug Zapper - Electric Fly Swatter - Mosquito Zapper KillerBuy From Amazon
8#Tregini Electric Fly Swatter – Rechargeable Bug Zapper Tennis Racket with Safe to Touch Mesh Net and Built-In FlashlightBuy From Amazon

Mosquito zapper bulb

fluorescent bulb
Mosquito zapper bulb

It is an LED bulb / fluorescent bulb that emits ultraviolet light. The UV light attracts the flying insect or bug. The bulb has a high voltage electrically charged metal grid when the insect makes contact is killed instantly. The led bulb is fixed in a bulb holder or socket to kill insects. The fluorescent bulb comes attached to a device.

Mosquito zapper lamp/ Lantern lamp

mosquito killer lamp

It looks like a lantern lamp. The lantern lamp has either an LED / fluorescent bulb in it and a high voltage electrically charged metal grid.

The bulb emits UV light that attracts flying insects and bugs. When an insect comes to contact with the grid it is electrocuted and killed instantly.

It can be powered by either solar, battery, or electricity

Read our review of the lantern zapper

Are zappers safe for the human being?

Mosquito zappers do not use chemicals to kill the Mosquito, thus makes it safe for human beings.

Since it uses electricity to electrocute pests to minimize the risk, the device has a housing that has a plastic casing that helps protect it from electric shock when you touch it.

Also, the zapper has a high voltage to electrocute insects but low to shock human beings.

Do bug zappers work during the day?

Mosquito operates at night, early morning, and late evening so this is the best time to use zappers when they are active than in the day when resting.

Also, zappers ultraviolet stands out at night or in the dark so you should use it at night.

So you should not operate a mosquito zapper during the day when the insect you are targeting is at rest.

Daytime you can take advantage of charging your zapper if it is solar or rechargeable battery powered.


Finding mosquito zappers with added attractants in addition to UV light will give better results and zappers nowadays include such lures.

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