BEST MOSQUITO KILLER 2020 {with Buyer’s Guide}

A Mosquito killer is a device or Gadget that attracts, catch and kills Mosquitoes.

It does this through tricking mosquitoes by having artificial Smells, Light or Heat.

Do you know Mosquitoes kill more humans than Human Murderers?

This makes them the deadliest animal in the world.

Mosquitoes bites usually cause horribly and itchy skin eruptions.

The diseases that mosquitoes carry and transmit to people they bite, kill 725,000 people every year which increases the burden of infectious diseases.

It transmits parasites or viruses that cause severe diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Yellow Fever, and Zika Viruses.

Having said that, that’s why every home must have a Mosquito killer. 

Comparison table 

1#Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer, 1/2 Acre Coverage15-watt bulb1/2-acreBuy From Amazon
2#LiBa Bug Zapper Electric Indoor Insect Killer Mosquito, Bug, Fly Killer - 2-Pack Replacement Bulbs Included365 nm wavelength400 sqft/45 sq metersBuy From Amazon
3#GLOUE Bug Zapper Light Bulb, 2 in 1 Mosquito Killer Lamp UV Led Electronic Insect & Fly KillerUV light.
20-60 Square meters
Buy From Amazon
4#Elucto Electric Bug Zapper Fly Swatter Zap Mosquito Best for indoor and Outdoor Pest Control(AA Batteries Included)SWAT.
Buy From Amazon
5#Stinger Cordless Rechargable Insect Zapper, BlackBlack UV light 625 square feet Buy From Amazon
6#Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger for Fast and Effective Mosquito Control in Your YardOdorless fog5,000 square foot yardBuy From Amazon
7#Vet's Best Flea and Tick Yard and Kennel Spray | Yard Treatment Spray Kills Mosquitoes, Fleas, and Ticks with Certified Natural OilsBy contact 5,000 SQUARE FEETBuy from Amazon
8#Mosquito Magnet MM3300B Executive Mosquito TrapCarbon dioxide1 acreBuy From Amazon
9#DynaTrap Insect Trap (DT1000), 1/2 Acre, Original Series, BlackUV LEDs1/2 acreBuy From Amazon
10#Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Electronic Plug in Reject Mosquito Mice Roach Spider Ants Bugs and More Home Animal No Kill Indoor and Outdoor, Blackultrasonic8001200 Square feet. Buy From Amazon
11#Kensizer 20-Pack Dual-Sided Yellow Sticky Traps for Flying Plant Insect Like Fungus Gnats, Whiteflies, Aphids, Leaf Miners, Thrips, Other Flying Plant Insects - 6x8 Inches, Twist Ties Includedyellow color outdoorBuy From Amazon
12#BLACK+DECKER Bug Zapper | Electric UV Insect Catcher & Killer for Flies, Mosquitoes, Gnats & Other Flying Pests | 6,000 Sq/Ft Coverage for Home, Kitchen, Covered Patio & Other Indoor/Outdoor Areas Ultraviolet Lamp 6,000 Sq/FtBuy From Amazon
13#ZEROPEST Ultrasonic New Pest Control Set of 6-Packs Electronic Plug in Repellent Indoor for Flea, Insects, Mosquitoes Mice, Spiders, Ants, Rats, Roaches, Bugs, Non-Toxic, Humans & Pets Saf, BlueUltrasonic IndoorBuy From Amazon
14#RockBirds Mosquito Trap USB Powered Bug Zapper, UV LED Bug Zapper,Safe and Effective Indoor Electronic Mosquito Light Trap Lamp for Kids and BabiesFlorenscent IndoorBuy From Amazon

What is a Mosquitoes Killer?

Mosquito killer is available in different option, which includes:

  • Mosquito trap
  • Mosquito fogger
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Mosquito zapper
  • Mosquito sprayers
  • Mosquito larvicide

Here is our review of the best mosquito killer

Mosquito trap

Mosquito trap

Mosquito trap kills mosquito this through tricking mosquitoes by having artificial Smells, Light or Heat.

To understand how mosquito trap works lets learn how mosquito detect people or animal and bite them.

Female and male mosquito feed on nectar but female mosquito also feed on blood. The female mosquito needs enough blood to develop eggs; that’s why they suck warm-blooded animal blood.

The female mosquito detects human being by the carbon dioxide we breathe out, the heat we produce and skin smell that we release maybe when we sweat.

So the mosquito trap is made to mimic a human being. They are made such that they release carbon dioxide, heat and odor the same as human being release, therefore, attract mosquito and kill them.

Mosquito Trap features

Mosquito Killer Models have a various method of luring and killing all depend on the performance, availability, and Cost.

  1. Propane traps:

Mosquitoes Propane Traps do attract mosquitoes by producing having some scent and gases that are usually produced by a human being. It produces warm,  carbon monoxide and scent that attracts  Mosquitoes the same way they are attracted to people. When the Mosquitoes get near, the trap Vacuum pulls them inside where they die.

  1. Heat Trap

It attracts Mosquitoes by heat. Do you know Mosquitoes normally us infrared light to trace human being warmth?

  1. Carbon Dioxide Traps

Animals and Human beings produce CO2 through breathing and sweating. Mosquitoes are able to trace and detect the Co2 and hunt them. CO2  Traps are very effective to almost all types of mosquitoes.

  1. Light Traps

Mosquitoes are active at night and usually attracted to Light. Traps that use Light as an attractant are most effective at night.


Dynatrap insect Trap

Check Amazon for the Best Price

DynaTrap DT2000XL Insect Trap attracts and Kill Mosquitoes and other flies by generating warm light, Producing Co2 and sucking insects through Vacuum Fan that suck insects into retaining Cage where they die due to dehydration.

The mosquito killer can cover an area of approximately 1 Acre when placed outdoor. It operates quietly, can operate in all-weather condition and it environmentally friendly, it Odor-free and doesn’t use pesticide.


mega catch
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The Mega-Catch Pro 900 Premier Mosquito Trap is simple to operate and is effective to reduce the nuisance mosquito’s problems in your yard. It usually mimics subtle changes in people body Temperature through pulsing heat from the mosquito killer central core system that comes with a digital pulse width modulation channel.

The advanced electronics features that come with the Mega Trap of infrared energy source and UV LEDs are made to rule and appeal to a wide variety of Mosquitoes insects. The fragrance strips on the trap are for boosting the capture rates for nuisance Mosquitoes, Sandflies and biting midges

The Trap has been designed for outdoor use only. It can protect and cover an area of about 100feet (30M) or 0.75 Acre (0.3 Hectare).


Dynatrap mosquito killer
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The DynatrapDT150 Ultralight Insect and Mosquito Trap is a mosquito killer that won’t weigh you down. It’s a travel size and Compact Trap that make it easier to be used and moved around different Rooms of your house. It traps, Sucks and Kills Mosquitoes and other nuisance insects like Wasps, Stink Bugs, Bees, biting flies, moths, etc. it works best when placed closer to the ground and in the Dark Corners.

The Trap produces warm light from the built-in UV Fluorescent Bulb for captivating Mosquitoes and other insects. The Trap Surface is coated with titanium Dioxide that produces carbon dioxide which attracts and lures Mosquitoes before being sucked into the cage by the smokeless and quiet vacuum fan. In the Cage, the Mosquitoes dehydrate and end eventually die within one day. The twist- on and off feature inside the Traps protects insects from getting away when cleaning.

The Trap can cover an area of about 300 square feet and can be used in Camping, picnics, Desks, and Travelling. The Trap is simple to use; you only need to plug it in and flip the switch for an immediate result. It comes with an AC Adaptor, a 75 inch Power Cord and a hanger for easy placement on a patio or porch.

The Trap is environmentally friendly since it traps Insects without adding chemicals to the surrounding areas of usage. The only drawback is it’s UV Florescent Bulb is not replaceable; thereby having to replace the whole Trap once the Bulb goes out. You also have to keep the Trap dry since it’s not weather rated.


 mosquito killer Trap
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Viatek Mini-Mosquito Trap is a silent Mosquito Killer. The chemical-free Trap keeps you’re Bedroom, Office or Campsite free from Mosquitoes. It Protects your family from the pesky Mosquitoes.

Viatek Mini-Mosquito Trap attracts the mosquitoes, Suck and pushes them into a collection chamber where they die due to dehydration within 24 Hours.

The Mosquito Trap is designed with a special high-intensity non-toxic Ultraviolet Lamp and TiCO2 that help to generate Carbon dioxide to rule the nuisance Mosquitoes. Once inside the Trap, the Mosquitoes fall into a collection Chamber where they die.

The Trap is easy to operate and easy to clean and empty the collection chamber. There is no Popping or exploding of Mosquitoes. The Trap is Portable and can be used and taken anywhere.


best mosquito Trap

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Oittm Electronic Mosquito Trap is a Non-Toxic LED Mosquito killer Trap. It is an odorless and efficient way to eliminate mosquitoes without the use of any pesticides or dangerous is 100% kids & pets environmental-friendly. The Trap is USB Powered insect Fly inhaler Lamp, that can be used both Indoor and Outdoor.

The Mosquito Killer is equipped with a powerful LED Lamp with 365Nm Light Wavelength. This Light rule and attract Mosquitoes from a distance in all direction. The Trap work in a purely physical way to attract and kill the nuisance Mosquitoes.
The Trap built-in streamlined fan’s suction power Pull and suck all Mosquitoes flying at Closes proximity from any direction into the Mosquito Trapper where they dehydrate and die due to air dry.

The Trap is USB Powered with DC 5V Safe Voltage, it can also be connected with a power Bank any USB Port device. With the portable and lightweight design, it is convenient to store and takes to camping.

It is easy to use the Trap, you just need to turn on the Trap 3 hours before going to sleep. It is also very easy to clean the Trap, you simply turn and unlock the Box to discard the dead Mosquitoes

Mosquito fogger

Mosquito fogger

Mosquito fogger is another type of mosquito killer available in the market. Mosquito fogger uses an insecticide to kill the mosquito, either indoor or outdoor.

How mosquito fogger works

Mosquito fogger uses electricity or thermal power to heat the insecticide. The heat vaporizes the insecticide, which produces the fog. The fog is sprayed around mosquito affected areas using a fogging machine.

Foggers come in different types, which include cold fogger and thermal mosquito fogger

Cold mosquito fogger

The cold mosquito fogger uses air pressure to heat the insecticide to form the fog. This type of mosquito fogger does not use fuel, so there is no fire risk making it ideal for indoors

Thermal mosquito fogger

The thermal mosquito fogger uses heat like gas, electricity, and diesel to heat the insecticide, vaporize and form the fog. This type of mosquito fogger is not ideal for indoor since they use fuel, which can cause a fire.

Mosquito repellent

Mosquito repellent

Mosquito repellant does not kill mosquito what is does it keep away a mosquito. The repellant uses special ingredients that produce odor which kick the mosquito away, therefore, protecting you from mosquito bites.

Mosquito repellant are in various types such as

  • Electronic/ ultrasonic mosquito repellent
  • Mosquito repellent Bracelet,
  • Mosquito repellent spray
  • Mosquito repellent cream.

Gogogu Ultrasonic Mosquito Pest Repellent 

Electric mosquito repellent
Check Amazon for the Best Price

Are there nuisance Mosquitoes, Biting Flies or disgusting mouse in your beautiful house? Do you fear using insecticide Chemicals will have a side effect on your family and Pets? Gogogu Ultrasonic Mosquito pest Repellent is safe and non-toxic. It’s a cheap, effective and environmentally friendly way to control Mosquitoes and other harmful pests.

Gogogu repellant applies very-low-frequency ultrasonic sound to drive away Mosquitoes and other Pets. It is easy to use the repellent device; you only need to plug it in the electrical socket and let it do the rest. It does not use Batteries and it is maintenance-free. It does not make any noise or emits harmful Radiation.

It confuses the Mosquitoes and other Pets and makes them keep off from your Home through stimulation from the powerful ultrasound wave. It repels Mosquitoes, Mice, Spiders, Rats, Roaches, Ants, Fleas, Flies, Bugs and Insects.
Gogogu Repellant will not cause harm or leave a nasty situation like dead pests for you to deal with. Get rid of Pests and Rodents for good. No more cleanups. It is totally safe for your Family and Pets because they are not affected by the ultrasonic frequency of sound.


mosquito repellent
Check Amazon for the Best Price

Mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, mice and other pests are normally harmful to your family and your Pets. Keeping your lovely Home free from the nuisance pests, you need to use the Ultra-sonic Mosquito, Rat and Pest Repellent.
Ultra-sonic Mosquito, Rat, and Pest Repellent are normally easy to use, you only need to plug it to the electrical Socket and will immediately emit electromagnet and ultra-sonic waves that pests cannot stand. It attacks their central nervous system and they get confused leaving your Home on their own and never come back again.

The frequency wave from the repellant is inaudible and harmless to human being and Pets. It’s a cheap, effective and environmentally friendly way to control Mosquitoes and other harmful pests.

This pest repellent is safe for your Family and Pets since it only targets Mosquitoes, roaches, rodents, bats mice, squirrels, spiders, fleas, wasps, ticks, flies, ants, bed bugs, silkworms, crickets, bees, and other pests.

It does not cause harm or leave a nasty situation with dead pests for you to deal with. It does not require refills since the device works with Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic waves. Protecting your dear family and Pets from dangerous effects of using insecticide.

Electronic Bug Zapper, Fochea Mosquito Trap Fly Insect Killer UV Light Lamp with 360 Degree Escape-proof Mesh Design for Indoor Outdoor, NonToxic

electric mosquito repellent
Check Amazon for the Best Price

It is a powerful Mosquito Electronic Bug Zapper. It is a Non – Chemical, Non–Toxic, Non-Radiation, Odor Free, Ultralow Noise, No refills or baits needed, No high voltage electrical shocks. Its environmentally and Eco- friendly to your family and Pets.

This mosquito killer protects and covers an area of up to 400 sq ft/45 sq meters. Please always remember to open the Mosquito storage box to get the Plug.

It comes with a 360⁰ Escape Proof Mesh that it’s between the storage box and the fan preventing Mosquitoes and other flies from escaping once trapped inside. There is no need for cleaning it frequently since it comes with a large capacity Mosquito storage box that can contain up to thousands of Mosquitoes.

It consumes only 5w of power which is a nice alternative for green living. The Build-in Powerful Fan sucks in mosquitoes and other annoyance flies making no noise. It comes with UV Light that lures the nuisance Mosquitoes near the Trap. Where they are pulled by the powerful fan and sucked to the storage box where they die due to dehydration.

Electronic Bug Zapper, Fochea Mosquito Trap can also serve as a night lamp as well, it is beautiful and ideal for Sitting Rooms, Bedrooms, Cars, Hospitals Offices and Yoga Centers

Mosquito zapper

Mosquito zapper

Mosquito zapper is another type of mosquito killer. It uses electric shock, which passes an electric current through the insect body and kills them.

They are also known as Mosquito killer lamp.

Mosquito zapper attracts mosquito using a bright light or produces carbon dioxide the same as human being releases.

So the flying insect-like mosquito gets attracted to the zapper and electricity kills them.

Mosquito zappers you do not use chemicals they use electric current to zap the mosquito.

Elucto Electric Bug Zapper Fly Swatter

best mosquito swatter

Check Amazon for the Best Price

Are you tired of using other uneffective Mosquito killer or Dangerous Chemical to get rid of Mosquitoes in your House? You can now purchase the most effective Eucto Electric Bug Zapper in the Market. The  Eucto Electric Bug Zapper uses electro –mesh concept.

It kills Mosquitos and other flies due to electric shock and the force of impact. It’s easy to use, you only need to swing the Swatter and kill all the bothering mosquitoes, With one or two swings, you can kill all the Mosquitos since its large enough.

It can be used both Indoor and Outdoor. With Eucto Electric Bug Zapper Trap available now in the Market, Don’t let mosquito’s ruins you Outdoor Fun or sleep at night.


mosquito killer
Check Amazon for the Best Price

The RockBirds Mosquito Trap is an environmentally friendly mosquito killer Trap which is non-Chemical, non-radioactive, non-toxic and non-electric Noise. It’s a very competent electronic Trap and works by attracting mosquitoes and other Bugs through a highly BLB Bulb. It’s quite easy to operate; you only need to Plug into a Socket, and the Lamp will light and work without any noise.

The Trap Suck insects are flying proximately close into the Trapper by using a powerful fan killing Mosquitoes in a Technique which is entirely safe to Humans and Pets. Its Killer Lamp is powered by USB with 5V DC Safe Power. It comes with an adaptor, but it can also be connected to a power bank or any device with USB Port.

It’s ideal for indoor-use, Study Room, Sitting Room, Bedroom, Camping Tent and many other closed environments. The Trap integrated storage box design makes it easy and simple to clean. The Storage is detachable you only need to push it and take it out to clean it separately.

It is advisable to Set Trap 2 – 3 Hour before you and your family enter the room and make sure the door and windows are closed. The Trap should be placed at a distance from the Ground. Turn Off all other Lights in the Room and leave the Trap light ON for the Night. You and your family can now enjoy your wonderful time without any Disturbance from the Mosquitoes.

Mosquito sprays

Mosquito sprays

Mosquito spray uses a chemical, which is human-friendly to kill the mosquito. The chemical is filled in the sprayers which are sprayed in the mosquito affected areas. The mosquito spray is mostly used by professionals, and they last for more than 30 days.

Mosquito sprays are safe to use around people, pets and children.

Find out best mosquito sprays here

Mosquito Larvicide

Mosquito Larvicide

Mosquito larvicide helps control mosquito at a larva stage. The mosquito larvicide targets larvae before they mature into an adult mosquito.
Mostly they are applied into stagnant water which you cannot empty like livestock watering troughs.
They are safe to wildlife, domestic animal and people.
Mosquito larvicide is available in the form of a pellet, tablets, briquette formulations and granular.

Summit…Responsible solutions Mosquito Bits – Quick Kill FamilyValue 1Pack (30Ounce)

mosquito Larvicide
Check Amazon for the Best Price

The Summit Mosquito Bits is used in Swampy or watery body. It annihilates the Mosquito larval population. After sprinkling the Bits in the water body infected with Mosquito Larval, it Kills the larval and turns the Black/ Green water to clear pool and protect you from future Mosquito.

After a week adds more Bits on a bi-weekly basis, you can also supplement with Mosquito Dunks for long-term control.

The Mosquito killer Bits are available as an 8-ounce jar, 30 jugs, and 20-pound bucket depending on your requirement.

How Does Mosquito Killer Work?

Since they are different types of mosquito killer available in the market, each one of them works in different ways.

Like Mosquito, traps lure mosquitoes by having attractive Light, Heat or Smell that is similar to the human being. When the Mosquitoes get closer or inside the Trap, it’s captured and killed.

Mosquito zappers attract Mosquito using a bright light or carbon dioxide. When a mosquito gets closer to the zapper, the device uses electric current to kill the Mosquito.

Mosquito fogger uses an insecticide to kill a mosquito. The insecticide is heated until it vaporizes eventually forms fog which is sprayed using a fogging machine as a mist.

Mosquito repellant does not kill the Mosquito. It uses special ingredients which releases an odour that keeps the Mosquito away, therefore, protect you from mosquito biting.

Mosquito spray uses an insecticide to kill the Mosquito. This type of mosquito spray is mostly used by professionals, and they use chemicals. The chemical is filled in the sprayer and sprayed on the Mosquito affected areas. Some of this chemical is meant to stay for 30 days and are made of ingredients which are safe for children, pet, animals and people.

How to choose the best Mosquito Killer

There are different types of Mosquitoes Killer depending on your area environment and the type of local mosquitoes found in your country or area. Different types of mosquitoes are attracted to various Traps. There are Mosquitoes Traps for Indoors and outdoors. To be effective Traps should always be placed in shaded areas, near their breeding ground and away from the wind.

There are many brands of Mosquitoes Killer that claim to be the best, but there are several things to be considered before making the final decision on purchasing.

Below are factors to be considered before when buying Mosquitoes killer.

  • How big is your mosquito problem?

One should consider how often the Mosquitoes problem recurred.  Is it every day, week, Month or yearly? If you can’t sleep or go out for 30 minutes then it a major problem and should spend some money.    

  • The area to Cover.

You should consider the size of your house or yard to be protected from mosquitoes. You should consider a powerful Trap for big space and  an average trap for small areas

  • Power

You should consider if you have a power connection, some  Mosquito Killer Traps require a power connection to work and others or wireless, they don’t need to be connected to power throughout. We have some Traps that use Battery cell or even Solar power Options.

Due to Technology advancement, Wireless Mosquitoes Traps are growing in popularity due to their convenience. They can be moved and taken anywhere making them best to be considered when traveling or Camping.

  • Best Attractant

Different country or region has different Mosquitoes which are attracted to various Attractant. Some Mosquito Killer  Attractant has more effect than others depending on region Mosquitoes type.

  • Cost.

Cheap is expensive. As much as you consider your budget, you should but avoid those very cheap Mosquito Killers. One should look for killers that are Effective and Last Longer.

Mosquito killer

With the Home remedies for Mosquitoes such as general cleaning, getting rid of stagnant water, cutting long grasses and Bushes around your Home and backyard and also making use of effective Mosquitoes killer, it is possible to get rid or reduce the number of the annoyance Mosquitoes in your area.

Therefore, read our intensive review of the best Mosquito killer to find the right product for your Mosquito Eliminator. Let us know in the comment section below which product do you use to repel or kill the mosquito in your house.

Do mosquito killers work?

Mosquito Killers have been proven to be effective by research studies. The work 24/7 to eliminate or reduce mosquito population in an area.

What do professionals use to spray for mosquitoes?

Most Professionals use pyrethrin which is a most common chemical solution used by Mosquito Fogger Killer Machines

What can I spray in my yard for mosquitoes?

The best and effective insecticide to use in your yard is Bifenthrin

What are mosquitoes attracted to?

Mosquitoes are attracted by carbon dioxide, Body Heat and Smell.

What can kill a mosquito?

Mosquito can be killed by most of the insecticides.

What time of day is best to spray for mosquitoes?

The best time is when Mosquitoes are active in cooler hours of the morning or at Night

Why do mosquitoes bite me and not my Partner?

It is true Mosquitoes will bite some people more than others. This is because of genetics.  Your DNA will determine whether or not you are more likely to excrete skin substances that are attractive to Mosquitoes.

Why do mosquitoes bite itch?

Mosquito Bite itches because your body recognizes its Saliva as a foreign substance hence causing your immune system to response.

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