Find Out How a Fan Can Keep Mosquitoes Away

How Fan Can keep Mosquitoes away

Find Out How a Fan Can Keep Mosquitoes Away

Can a ceiling fan and clip-on fan help keep mosquitoes away? Keep on learning to find out how a fan can keep mosquitoes away.

How a fan can help keep mosquitoes away

The fan can help to keep mosquitoes away from you. Here is the reason why:

Mosquitos are weak fliers

Flying insect flies when the wind is still or calm. That’s why you will find mosquitoes flying on humid and hot summer days when the wind is calm.

During rainy or stormy days, the wind is vigorous, and you can’t find any mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are weak fliers they do not like to fly when the wind is strong because it will use more energy and a lot of nutrients to fly.

Mosquito keeps off the storm and air current which makes them use a lot of their energy and nutrients.

Since the fan produces the same wind current that makes a good reason fan can be used to drive away mosquitoes.

Mosquitos like moist or wet areas

Mosquito-like a humid environment. When the fan moves and circulates the air in the surrounding the fan keep the air dry.

Since mosquitoes are not attracted to dry areas, they move away to moist places; therefore, keep the mosquito away from you.

Fan disperses carbon dioxide we exhale and the odor we produce

As you all know, both female and male mosquito feed on nectar but female mosquito also feeds on human blood to help the egg mature for breeding.

Female mosquitoes detect human beings by the carbon dioxide we exhale, sweat, and heat we produce.

 Once it detects carbon dioxide, heat, and sweat, they are sure it will find the host to suck blood.

Back to the fan, disperses the carbon dioxide and other chemicals we expel from our body; therefore, it becomes hard for the mosquito to locate the host.

There are fans such as a mosquito repellent clip-on fan that has an Aroma diffuser tank that is designed to add essential oil and liquid repellent. 

For the fan that has a diffuser tank you can add mosquito repellent liquid, therefore, it helps keep the mosquito away.

Mosquitoes pose a risk to your health and spread dangerous diseases there is a need to look for ways to keep mosquitoes away, and one of the easiest is using a fan.

Other ways to help get rid of Mosquito

Besides driving mosquitoes away using a ceiling or clip-on fan, they are different ways to get rid of mosquitoes, which include:

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