10 Best electronic mosquito repellent 2019 (Review and Buyers Guide)

It is essential to keep mosquito away from home due to cases of diseases and death they cause, and one of the best and safe way is using electronic mosquito repellent.

Mosquito is one of the harmful insects to the human being.

A mosquito bite is irritating and leaves you with itchy skin and red spot.

Mosquito itchy bite is not a big deal compared to severe diseases they cause to the human being. Such diseases include Malaria, West Nile fever, dengue fever, and yellow fever.

Most of these diseases like Malaria is reported to have infected millions of people resulting in million deaths.

Having said that an electronic mosquito repellent can be a great help in order to prevent your house from these nuisance insects.

What is electronic mosquito repellent?

 Electronic mosquito repellent is a device that emits a high-frequency sound that is too high human being cannot hear but drive away from the insect.

This device is designed to repel flying insects such as mosquito and others.

The human being can hear sound wave below 20KHZ, but insects respond to sound between 35- 60 kHz.

It is also called ultrasonic mosquito repellent.

How does electronic mosquito repellent work

Mosquitoes respond to ultrasound. The ultrasound affects the nervous system of the mosquito, so they tend to avoid signals.

Electronic mosquito repellent works by emitting ultrasonic sound.

Most of the manufacturers claim the device work by imitating sonar signal of bats and ultrasonic sound of a male mosquito. The bat emits ultrasonic sound waves which they use to locate mosquito they eat so when the mosquito hear the sound will leave the area to avoid being eaten.

The male mosquito also produces ultrasonic flight sound which female mosquito avoid after they have mated.

So the electronic mosquito repellent is made to mimic bats ultrasonic sound waves and male mosquito ultrasonic flight sound to repel the mosquitoes.

The option of electronic mosquito repellent

Electronic mosquito repellent is available in various option which includes:

  • Ultrasonic mosquito repellent
  • Smartphone app producing ultrasonic sound
  • Electronic mosquito repellent device with a repellent mat
  • Wearable electronic mosquito repellent

Electronic mosquito repellent device that has a repellent mat

The Electronic mosquito repellent device that has repellent mat are electronic devices that are fitted on a repellent mat.

The repellent mat has a chemical like an allethrin, which is heated by the heating element.

Once heated the chemical is made active releasing pesticide which kills and repels the mosquitoes.

Smartphone app producing ultrasonic sound

The smartphone app is downloaded online and installed on the smartphone. The app generates ultrasound, which is meant to repel the mosquitoes. The app produces a frequency of 15KHZ.

Ultrasonic mosquito repellent Devices

This is electronic devices that are made to produce ultrasonic sound to repel the mosquito. The device uses no chemical or pesticides.

Wearable electronic mosquito repellent

The Wearable electronic mosquito repellent are electric mosquito repellent that is either worn on wrist others you simply clip on the waistband, purse, belt or place the unit next to you

Does electronic mosquito repellent work

According to research done by scientists mosquito respond to ultrasound from 35-60KHZ frequency range.

So if we start with a smartphone app, they produce a frequency of 15KHZ. So the ultrasound produced is below the one mosquito can respond to making the app ineffective.

Manufacturers of Ultrasonic mosquito repellent claims the device is capable of generating a frequency from 20KHZ to 100KHZ. But research done by scientist claims the device is not effective unless combined with other technology or the sound pattern is regularly changed.

The technology includes adding a repellent mat, which we will discuss below.

The other technology which can help the device attain the desired result is using ultrasonic mosquito repellent that produces a frequency of above 35KHZ with built-in conditioner circulating cool air or fan.

Using ultrasonic device and fan when both are switched on is more effective in killing and repelling mosquitoes.

Using both ultrasonic devices with the built-in fan is effective in killing and repelling mosquito.

The Electronic mosquito repellent fitted with repellent mat inside are effective. The repellent mat is activated by heating element releasing pesticide, which is capable of repelling and killing a mosquito.

They have proven to be effective among all mosquito repellent.

According to the research done by science daily, Wearable electronic mosquito repellent are not effective unless it has a built-in fan circulating metofluthrin, which is effective in killing and repelling mosquito.


When buying mosquito repellent make sure it generates high frequency from 35KHZ and above to repel the mosquito effectively. Although the device alone is not effective for better result use the ultrasonic device together with a fan.

So according to the review above the electronic mosquito repellent that has repellent mat is the most effective method to repel mosquitoes.

Also, the ultrasonic device with a built-in fan is another effective electronic mosquito repellent.

Hoping our article is useful and will guide you choose the right electronic mosquito repellent.

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