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Best Mosquito Fan Trap (Review & Buyers Guide 2022)

A mosquito fan trap is a mosquito trap that has a powerful suction fan inside which sucks the flies inside the trap and prevents them from escaping.

The mosquito fan trap machine is another effective way to eliminate flies in the house. They do not use chemicals or pesticides to lure mosquitoes.

 NameImageWhere to buy
1MoziBuy Mozi
2KATCHY Indoor Insect TrapAmazon
3Huntingood Electric Mosquito Insect KillerElectric Mosquito Insect KillerAmazon
4Sunnest Electronic Mosquito Killer LampBug Zappers, Indoor Electronic Mosquito Killer LampAmazon
5DOUHE Mosquito KillerMosquito Killer Insect TrapAmazon
6AICase Electric Mosquito KillerElectric Mosquito KillerAmazon
7DynaTrap Insect TrapDynaTrap Insect Trap (DT2000XLP)Amazon
8YUNLIGHTS Electric Mosquito TrapMosquito trapAmazon
9Lumapest Insect TrapInsect trapAmazon
10Faicuk Indoor Insect Trap Insect trapsAmazon
11RockBirdsmosquito trapAmazon
12HAUSBELL Mosquito Killer Lampindoor mosquito trapAmazon
13Liecho Mosquito Killer Lamp fan mosquito trapAmazon
14BOJIN Mosquito Repellent LampMosquito fan trapAmazon

How does a Mosquito Fan Trap work?

Before we discuss the fan trap let’s learns how mosquitoes are attracted to human beings and suck blood.

All mosquitoes feed on nectar, but female mosquitoes after they have mated require blood to help develop eggs for breeding.

Female mosquitoes have a nerve cell that detects human beings by the carbon dioxide we exhale, heat, and skin odor we release.

Once the female mosquitoes sense carbon dioxide, sweat, and heat, it is attracted and moves toward the direction to suck the blood.

The mosquito fan trap is made to imitate the carbon, sweat, and heat that we produce.

Top 10 Mosquito Fan Trap 2021

The fan trap is designed with features that produce carbon dioxide, odor, and heat which attract the mosquito to the trap.

They also have an LED UV bulb that produces UV light. The LED UV light is proven to attract mosquitoes.

Once the mosquito detects UV light, carbon dioxide, heat, and odor, they are attracted to the trap.

The trap has a powerful suction fan inside which sucks the flies inside the trap and stops them from escaping.

At the bottom of the mosquito fan trap, there is a tray where mosquitoes are trapped until they die due to dehydration.

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How to use most Mosquito Fan Trap

  • The lamp works better in the dark light 
  • Keep the lamp away from strong light and wind.
  • The trap works better in an enclosed area without anybody
  • Turn on the mosquito killer lamp in advance or before you go to sleep to get better results (like 3 hours before) 
  • Make sure you turn off all the light in the room
  • The device work once connected to the power supply. When not in use, pull off the power supply.
  • Place the mosquito zapper about 3.3ft away from the ground, and it will get better effects when nobody in the room
  • After catching the mosquito, please do not pull the power off immediately, let the fan continue to run until the mosquito is dehydrated and dried.
  • To remove the dead insect, rotate the removable mosquito box/tray, and pour out the dead mosquito.
  • The silent fan is perfect for babies, toddlers, and pregnant.
  • For great results, some of the traps work with mosquito attractant or lure to attract more insects which are placed at the button of the device.
  • Continuously run the trap for more than one week to kill almost all mosquitoes inside the room. 
  • Keep the trap working more than 24 hours the first time
  • Clean once in 2-4 weeks

Advantages of Mosquito Fan Trap

  • A mosquito fan trap does not use a chemical to attract or kill a mosquito, so it is odorless and non-toxic, making it safe for babies and pets.
  • No electric zapping or buzzing.
  • Mosquito fan trap requires less maintenance
  • No expensive attractant is required only uses less than 5 watts of power.


The fan trap is used in an entirely dark place or at night for the best results. The other source of light will interfere with the regular operation of the device.

Mosquito Fan Trap reviews

  1. Mozi Mosquito Trap
Mozi Mosquito Trap

The friendly mosquito vacuum for your family

Mozi uses unique scientifically-developed TriCatch insect vacuum technology to trap mosquitoes and other insects.

It uses an LED ultraviolet lamp to attract small flies like mosquitoes, gnats, midges, no-see-um, fruit flies, and other insects to the trap.

Once the flies are attracted to the trap, the powerful silent running cyclone vacuum sucks them into its catchment basket.

This device does not use chemicals, smoke, or electrical zapping making it safe, non-toxic & environmentally friendly.

Mozi is Small in Size but Big In Power

Mozi Mosquito Trap

Mozi is a lightweight and compact size insect killer. Its compact size makes it easy to place in different places like retail places (restaurants or café) bedside tables, RV, corner of the room, on the desk or tucked away on a shelf.

It covers an average area of 51-100m2 making it ideal for either indoor or outdoor

I know you are worried about the noise of the vacuum at night. This product is different, it is a low noise mosquito killer. It features a stealth mode that provides protection all night without disturbing night. Also, its vacuum run silently so they will be no noise to disturb at night.

It is available in two neutral colors (black and white) that complement any interior design style

The product is powered by a USB power cable making it convenient to use when on the go.

Mozi is a Silent “Stealth Mode” Operation for All-Night Protection

Mozi Mosquito Trap

With Mozi, you will say goodbye to nighttime mosquitoes bites and have a more restful sleep. Mozi’s powerful, silent-running cyclone vacuum protects you and your family all night long without disturbing sleep.

Since ultraviolet is more attractive to insects when it is dark it is advisable to use the MOZI throughout the night for more effectiveness. This does not mean the product does not work with other light but LED ultraviolet light is more attractive in the darkroom.

To make sure you don’t buy a fake product, it is only sold on the company website no other sellers so beware of imitations.


  • Choice of black or white
  • Non-toxic and chemical-free
  • Very compact and portable
  • Three-in-one bug trap


  • Not always in stock
  1. BOJIN Mosquito Trap with a Lamp 

BOJIN trap lamp uses a purple light to attract mosquitoes. 

When the mosquito gets near the trap around 20cm the large wind motor or suction fan will inhale mosquitoes into the machine.

Once the mosquito is attracted inside, the device has a storage box when the mosquitoes are trapped, dehydrated, and eventually die.

The trap has a funnel-type escape prevention device that prevents the mosquito from escaping. 

This trap is powered by a USB charging cable or can be charged using a mobile phone or computer charging cable. This makes the trap be used anywhere no matter where you are.

It can be handheld, placed on the tabletop, the ground, hung on the wall, and the crossbar.

  1. Katchy indoor insect trap

KATCHY indoor trap uses UV light to lure the insect. 

The fan above the trap sucks them in, and the super sticky glue boards make sure they don’t escape.

It is effective for insects such as Bug, Fruit Fly, Gnat, and mosquitoes but not effective on house flies.

The USB power source powers this trap. You can connect to the power bank, making it possible to work in areas with no electricity such as cabins.

It works best in a dark and closed room such as a kitchen, bedroom, office, garage, covered porch, or cottage, making it ideal for indoors.

  1. Huntingood Electric Mosquito Insect Killer 
Electric Mosquito Insect Killer
Huntingood Electric Mosquito Insect Killer

HUNTINGOOD Electric Mosquito Killer uses 365 NM wavelength UV light, traps them with a strong suction fan, and starves them to die in nature’s physical way.

It can be powered using a USB cable, power bank, or any device with a USB port making them ideal for indoor use.

Use this flytrap in the dark and closed place close the lights, windows, and doors such as bedroom, study, washroom, camping tent, or other closed environments.

For the first time use put the trap 1 meter above the ground and continuously run for 2-3 days without touching it and without people around.

For better results continuously running it for more than one week to kill almost all mosquitoes.

Huntingood Electric Mosquito Killer 2021

  1. Sunnest Bug Zappers and Indoor Electronic Mosquito Killer Lamp 

The trap uses LED light to lure mosquitoes, then the fan system sucks the insect inside the trap.

It attracts small insects like mosquitoes, cockroaches, moths, and small bugs into the mosquito boxes.

This trap features a Detachable mosquito box with a large capacity that can store amounts of dead mosquitoes.

The Sunnest electronic mosquito zapper is powered by any USB devices such as a computer, power bank, laptop, and phone charging adapter 

Sunnest Bug Zappers (UFO Shape)

  1. DOUHE Mosquito Killer Insect Trap 

The DOUHE trap uses UV light to attract insects, and the inbuilt fan sucks the mosquito inside the device, causing them to starve and dehydrate.

The device comes with a 5-super sticky glue board which you can place into the mosquito’s storage plate to make sure bugs don’t escape.

Features intelligent light control function which makes this trap turn on and off according to the external light intensity. The function will make the trap stop working during the day and start working at night.

It is powered by a power bank, wall, or USB power source.

 This item works better for gnats, fruit flies and mosquitoes, and other tiny bugs but not big flies and large insects.

  1. AICase Electric Mosquito Killer

The Alcase mosquito killer uses a special ultraviolet LED to attract mosquitoes, then the fan vortex to inhale the mosquito and make it impossible to escape.

The device encloses the mosquito inside until death.

It is powered using a USB cable and featured a removable collection tray for hygienic and easy cleaning.

  1. DynaTrap Insect Trap (DT2000XLP)

Dynatrap insect trap attracts mosquitoes in three ways it uses a fluorescent UV bulb and a titanium dioxide-coated surface that releases CO2. 

Once the mosquito gets close to the trap the powerful, whisper-quiet fan pulls and traps insects inside the basket without pesticides or other chemicals.

It attracts insects such as mosquitoes, biting flies, Asian beetles, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, moths, and stink bugs.

You can use the Dynatrap both indoors and outdoors.


DynaTrap DT2000XL Insect Trap attracts and Kill Mosquitoes and other flies by generating warm light, Producing Co2, and sucking insects through Vacuum Fans that suck insects into retaining Cage where they die due to dehydration.

The mosquito killer can cover an area of approximately 1 Acre when placed outdoor. It operates quietly, can operate in all weather conditions.

Dynatrap is environmentally friendly, is Odor-free, and doesn’t use pesticides.


The DynatrapDT150 Ultralight Insect and Mosquito Trap is a mosquito killer that won’t weigh you down. It’s a travel size and Compact Trap that make it easier to be used and moved around different Rooms of your house. It traps, Sucks, and Kills Mosquitoes and other nuisance insects like Wasps, Stink Bugs, Bees, biting flies, moths, etc. it works best when placed closer to the ground and in the Dark Corners.

The Trap produces warm light from the built-in UV Fluorescent Bulb for captivating Mosquitoes and other insects. The Trap Surface is coated with titanium Dioxide that produces carbon dioxide which attracts and lures Mosquitoes before being sucked into the cage by the smokeless and quiet vacuum fan. In the Cage, the Mosquitoes dehydrate and end eventually die within one day. The twist-on and off feature inside the Traps protects insects from getting away when cleaning.

The Trap can cover an area of about 300 square feet and can be used in Camping, picnics, Desks, and Travelling. The Trap is simple to use; you only need to plug it in and flip the switch for an immediate result. It comes with an AC Adaptor, a 75 inch Power Cord, and a hanger for easy placement on a patio or porch.

The Trap is environmentally friendly since it traps Insects without adding chemicals to the surrounding areas of usage. The only drawback is its UV Florescent Bulb is not replaceable; thereby having to replace the whole Trap once the Bulb goes out. You also have to keep the Trap dry since it’s not weather-rated.

More Dynatrap insect trap

DynaTrap Outdoor Insect Trap 1/4 Acre, Black

DynaTrap Insect Trap (DT1050), Twist On/Off, 1/2 Acre, Black

DynaTrap Insect Trap (DT1050-TUN), 1/2 Acre, Decora Series, Tungsten

Dynatrap Dt2000xl Heavy Duty Flying Biting & Mosquito Insect Trap 1 Ac Coverage

  1. Lumapest Insect Trap & Bug Zapper 

The Lumapest insect trap uses UV light, and the water tray will attract many different kinds of bugs, and the suction fan will collect them into the bucket.

You can use the Lumapest trap both indoors and outdoors. The trap is waterproof no worry when used outdoor when it starts raining. Use it outdoors when you have attached the 4-legged base to stabilize it on the lawn or any other surface. Use it indoors without the stand.

It is easy to clean remove the tray and wash it with warm water and let it dry so that you can use it again.

  1. Faicuk Indoor Insect Trap  

The FAICUK trap uses 365NM wavelength UV light to attract mosquitoes and bugs. 

The soundless fan pulls insects into the trap and dies by the dehydration of airflow

  1. Big Devil Mosquito Trap

Big devil mosquito trap emits bionic violet light waves to attract insects such as mosquitoes, flies, moths, and other flying insects within 60 square meters.

It can be used in the home, patio, garden, backyards, porch, deck, portable use as a tent camping light or restaurant, hotel, cafe commercial use.

The trap is easy to use and clean. It has one button to switch on and off. 

It also has a storage box that is easy to unlock to discard dead mosquitoes. You rotate to unlock the storage box.

  1. RockBirds Killer

The rock birds trap lampwork great with attractants. You buy and place it at the bottom of the trap.

The lamp emits UV LED light that attracts mosquitoes and the fan suction insects inside. 

It is powered using USB or connects to any plug with the USB port.

Features storage box where the mosquitoes are trapped and starved to death.

This trap comes with a cleaning brush that makes cleaning easier.

  1. HAUSBELL Mosquito Killer Lamp 
indoor mosquito trap

Mosquitoes or any pests that are attracted from any direction by UV lamp, will be sucked into a removable cage with a built-in fan. The mosquitoes will be dehydrated to death by the strong airflow.

The trap can work great with a mosquito lure which is placed at the bottom of the trap.

It is equipped with a detachable bottom with a twist that can be easily removed for cleaning and bug disposal.

  1. Liecho Mosquito Killer Lamp  

The Liecho mosquito killer lamp attracts insects using 368nm LED purple light with human bionic technology lures the mosquitoes.

The Strong air circulation system sucks the mosquitoes and traps them in the tray.

When the mosquito is sucked into the capture grid, it is difficult to escape the powerful fan vortex until they dehydrate, dry air, and eventually die.

It is powered by a USB charging cable.


Viatek Mini-Mosquito Trap is a silent Mosquito Killer. The chemical-free Trap keeps you’re Bedroom, Office, or Campsite free from Mosquitoes. It Protects your family from pesky Mosquitoes.

Viatek Mini-Mosquito Trap attracts the mosquitoes, Suck and pushes them into a collection chamber where they die due to dehydration within 24 Hours.

The Mosquito Trap is designed with a special high-intensity non-toxic Ultraviolet Lamp and TiCO2 that help to generate Carbon dioxide to rule the nuisance Mosquitoes. Once inside the Trap, the Mosquitoes fall into a collection Chamber where they die.

The Trap is easy to operate and easy to clean and empty the collection chamber. There is Popping or exploding of Mosquitoes. The Trap is Portable and can be used and taken anywhere.


The Mega-Catch Pro 900 Premier Mosquito Trap is simple to operate and is effective to reduce the nuisance mosquito’s problems in your yard. It usually mimics subtle changes in people’s body Temperature through pulsing heat from the mosquito killer central core system that comes with a digital pulse width modulation channel.

The advanced electronics features that come with the Mega Trap of infrared energy source and UV LEDs are made to rule and appeal to a wide variety of Mosquitoes insects. The fragrance strips on the trap are for boosting the capture rates for nuisance Mosquitoes, Sandflies, and biting midges

The Trap has been designed for outdoor use only. It can protect and cover an area of about 100feet (30M) or 0.75 Acre (0.3 Hectares).

Fochea Mosquito Trap Fly Insect Killer

It is a powerful Mosquito Electronic Bug Zapper. It is a Non – Chemical, Non–Toxic, Non-Radiation, Odor Free, Ultralow Noise, No refills or baits needed, No high voltage electrical shocks. Its environmentally and Eco- friendly to your family and Pets.

This mosquito killer protects and covers an area of up to 400 sq ft/45 sq meters. Please always remember to open the Mosquito storage box to get the Plug.

It comes with a 360⁰ Escape Proof Mesh that it’s between the storage box and the fan preventing Mosquitoes and other flies from escaping once trapped inside. There is no need for cleaning it frequently since it comes with a large capacity Mosquito storage box that can contain up to thousands of Mosquitoes.

It consumes only 5w of power which is a nice alternative for green living. The Build-in Powerful Fan sucks in mosquitoes and other annoyance flies making no noise. It comes with UV Light that lures the nuisance Mosquitoes near the Trap. Where they are pulled by the powerful fan and sucked to the storage box where they die due to dehydration.

Electronic Bug Zapper, Fochea Mosquito Trap can also serve as a night lamp as well, it is beautiful and ideal for Sitting Rooms, Bedrooms, Cars, Hospitals Offices and Yoga Centers

Does the mosquito fan trap work

Human body temperature, odor, and carbon dioxide are more attractive to mosquitoes than any other thing like UV light.

Since mosquito fan trap machine does not emit carbon dioxide, body temperature, and odor, most people doubt whether they do work.

The fan trap works better when enclosed in an area that is dark and without anybody.

Otherwise, if you place in a room with a human being the mosquitoes will detect people more than the trap and move to the direction where there is a host.

That’s why it is advisable not to put the trap near you.

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