The Best USB and USB-C Hub in 2021

Modern Devices are becoming thinner and lighter with only one or no port from MacBook, HP, Dell, and Lenovo to All-In-One Desktops. To plug in anything to the device the only option is to use USB and USB-C Hub.

 USB and USB-C Hub provide different types of ports and configurations in a relatively compact package. With a single USB or USB-C hub, you can add USB-C, HDMI, Display Port, VGA, Ethernet Jacks, and SD memory readers to modern Laptops, Tablets, and Desktops that have forsaken many ports.

What to Consider

The Number of Ports. A good USB or USB C-Hub should have all the required ports you need to connect your devices. It is worth looking at the USB hubs that have a few more ports than what you need.

Power Output. You should consider choosing between bubs that work off the original port of power or hubs that use an external power source.

Hub Port’s USB Version. Have a look at the hub’s ports version, some hubs use USB 2.0 to lower the costs, but this will result in slower data transfer for USB 3.0 devices.

 Size of the Hub. A good hub should be compact taking up minimal space and working as intended.  It should have no weak or flimsy connections and a relatively long lifespan.

When shopping for the best hub, take inventory of all your peripherals you need to connect, including their specific ports types, then look for each type in the hub you are considering buying.

How We Selected

Every device situation is a little different, so in making our picks, we have pulled together our favorite USB and USB C hubs for various needs. We have included travel and those on a budget. Make sure you determine whether you will be using your hub on USB-A (Old Model) or USB C (the newer type) port before you start to shop around.

Get more ports with a single USB or USB C hub connection with one of these compact docks.

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