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A smart doorbell is an internet enabled doorbell that tells or notifies the homeowner when a person arrives at the entrance of the door it keeps your home safer and eliminates risks of opening the door to an unfamiliar person. Smart Doorbell helps you to get a glimpse of who is knocking on your door or ringing your smart bell without them being able to see you.  Today’s smart doorbells come with everything from two-way communication to live video streaming to home automation compatibility and Wi-Fi-enabled apps.

Smart Doorbell allows the Homeowners using their smartphone App to talk and watch the person at the door using the camera and microphone embedded in the doorbell. We even have some Smart Bells that also allows the homeowners to open to door to the person at the door remotely using smart Lock


There are two major Smart Doorbells type: Wireless Doorbells or Wired Doorbells types. Wireless Doorbells are those that use Battery operated receivers, and Wired Doorbells are those that use plug-in receivers. Wireless Door Bells can be placed anywhere, and you have to keep the batteries charged or replaced every time they worn-out.  Wired Doorbells are restricted to an electric outlet but require no attention as long as they are plugged in.



Door Bell
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