Mosquito Trap Reviews and Buyers Guide (Best 2021)

It is very crucial to control Mosquito around your home, and one way is using mosquito trap. 

Mosquitoes are well known for an itchy painful bite and annoyance noise, but that’s not a big deal.

Mosquito is one of the dangerous insect capable of infecting human being with deadly diseases such as Malaria, Zika, yellow fever, Dengue, and West Nile virus.

In 2015 WHO organization has reported 438,000 deaths from malaria alone.

Read more about Zika here and Dengue 

Mosquito trap comparisons

1#Mozi Mosquito TrapUV LightMozi
2#Dynatrap DT1050-DEC Outdoor Insect Trap (DT1050-DEC2), 1/2 Acre, StoneUV+CO2Amazon
3#KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap: Bug, Fruit Fly, Gnat, Mosquito KillerUV LightAmazon
4#Aspectek Upgraded 20W Electronic Bug Zapper, Insect Killer UV LightAmazon
5#SereneLife UV Mosquito TrapUV LightAmazon
6#Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer, 1 Acre Coverage,BlackUV LightAmazon
7#Mosquito Magnet MM4200NETN Patriot Plus Replacement Net, ClearHeat, CO2 and moistureAmazon
8#GLOUE Bug Zapper Light Bulb, 2 in 1 Mosquito Killer Lamp UV Led Electronic Insect & Fly KillerUV LightAmazon
9#LiBa Bug Zapper Electric Indoor Insect Killer Mosquito, Bug, Fly KillerUV LightAmazon
10#Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer, 1/2 Acre CoverageUV LightAmazon
11#HAUSBELL Mosquito Killer Lamp, Electric Bug Zapper, Mosquito TrapUV LightAmazon

What is a mosquito trap?

To help understand better what a mosquito trap is, let first learn what a mosquito is and how mosquitoes detect people.

Both male and female mosquitoes feed on nectar but females suck blood from a warm-blooded animal so that to acquire enough blood to develop eggs.

The female Mosquito has a nerve cell called CPA neurons which have a receptor to detect carbon dioxide that we breathe out, the heat produced by cold-blooded animals, and the skin odor that we release when we sweat.

So when the Mosquito detects carbon dioxide, heat, or skin odor, it is attracted and goes toward it. That’s when you find they are attracted to human being and suck blood.

This smart device is designed to emit similar carbon dioxide or skin odor that human beings produce. 

Since mosquitoes are fond of carbon dioxide, warmth (heat) human odor and water, all Trap has these features that attract them eventually killing them.

Read more how mosquito detects people

How does Mosquito trap works?

The Trap is made in such a way that they imitate our body and tricks the Mosquito to think is a human being or warm-blooded animal.

So the mosquito trap produces carbon dioxide when the Mosquito detect the chemical they are attracted to, goes toward the Trap, and get sucked inside, resulting in death.

What attracts mosquitoes to traps

Mosquito traps are made of different features. These features are the one that attracts mosquitoes to traps. These attractants include:

1.    Carbon dioxide trap (Co2)

This type is made to produce the same carbon dioxide that we breathe out. Since mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide, they are drawn to it and kill it.

2.    Propane trap

This Trap imitates human being and is made to produce carbon dioxide, heat, and odor which attract mosquitoes. The propane trap is mostly used for outdoors and is quite expensive.

How does Propane trap works – when propane burn they produce carbon dioxide. It also releases heat and Moisture as attractant at the same time. When the Mosquito is attracted, the device has a vacuum that sucks the Mosquito into a container and dies from the dehydration.

For better results, the Trap can be added baits like Octenol that bring more mosquitoes.

They not only kill Mosquito but other insects.

Propane design is available in wireless. The only disadvantage it is only placed outside the house 15 feet away from a residential home.

3.    H2O traps

Everybody knows Mosquito are attracted by stagnant water they lay eggs in water surroundings and is the best place for larvae to develop peacefully. 

H2O trap has an open tray of water which attracts Mosquito eventually killing them.

The H2O Trap combines both light and technology to attract Mosquito.

This type of Trap is sold at a lower price, but you are required to remove captured Mosquito, change, and add water.

The H2O Trap produces no gas or anything poisonous so it can be installed either indoors or outdoors.

4.    Heat Trap

As I have said, earlier Mosquito is attracted by human body warmth. The heat trap is made to imitate the human heat body produces, therefore, drawing the mosquitoes. It can be used both indoor as long as the house is not small and outdoor, which covers up to 2-acres.

5.    UV Trap

Light attracts all winged insects which include mosquitoes. The UV trap uses UV light to appeal to the Mosquito finally killing them.

Mostly are connected to the electrical outlet, a PC, laptop, or USB. As long as you can access the power, the UV trap can be used either indoor or outdoor.

Most of them are required to empty the container with dead Mosquito.

The best thing with UV trap they can be put near a baby crib because do not produce excessive heat and no gas.

There are less effective compared with the others, so they are best in areas where there is less Mosquito.

Top10 Best Mosquito Trap

Mosquito Trap Reviews

Best UV Light Mosquito Trap

UV  Light Mosquito Trap

  1. Mozi Mosquito Trap

Mozi uses unique scientifically-developed TriCatch insect vacuum technology to trap mosquitoes and other insects.

It uses an LED ultraviolet lamp to attract small flies like mosquitoes, gnats, midges, no-see-um, fruit flies, and other insects to the trap.

Once the flies are attracted to the trap, the powerful silent running cyclone vacuum sucks them into its catchment basket.

This device does not use chemicals, smoke, or electrical zapping making it safe, non-toxic & environmentally friendly.

Mozi is a lightweight and compact size insect killer. Its compact size makes it easy to place in different places like retail places (restaurants or café) bedside tables, RV, corners of the room, on the desk or tucked away on a shelf.

It covers an average area of 51-100m2 making it ideal either indoor or outdoor

I know you are worried about the noise of the vacuum at night. This product is different, it is a low noise mosquito killer. It features stealth mode that provides protection all night without disturbing night. Also, its vacuum run silently so they will be no noise to disturb at night.

It is available in two neutral colors (black and white) that compliment to any interior design style

The product is powered by USB power cable making it convenient to use when on the go.

Since ultraviolet is more attractive to insects when it is dark it is advisable to use the MOZI throughout the night for more effective. This does not mean the product does not work with other light but LED ultraviolet light is more attractive in the darkroom.

The Mozi Product is shipped to your door via USPS from Mozi’s warehouse facility in California. To make sure you don’t buy a fake product, it is only sold on the company website no other sellers so beware of imitations.


  • Choice of black or white
  • Non-toxic and chemical-free
  • Very compact and portable
  • Three-in-one bug trap


  • Not always in stock
  1. Mosskitos Mosquito killer Trap

Mosskitos Mosquito killer trap use LED UltraViolet light to trap and easily kill mosquitoes.

The device does not release smoke like smoke coil, its chemical-free, no electrical zapping, no odor, non-toxic making it safe for pets, human being and environmental friendly.

How does the Mosskitos Mosquito killer trap work?

This mosquito killer trap uses LED Ultraviolet light to catch mosquitos, gnats, and fruit flies. Once the flies are attracted to the trap, the powerful silent running vacuum sucks them into its large-capacity mosquito storage box/ catchment basket.

It is made of plastic and available in two colors (black and white)

Mosskitos trap measures 19 x 12 x 12cm or 7.5 x 4.7 x 4.7 inch, weighs 380g / 13.4oz, power rated 2W/50Hz and voltage rate 5V

The above size and weight make this device compact, lightweight and convenient to carry anywhere

Also, its compact size and handy USB power cable making it useful for those on-the-go like on RV.

It covers 40 square meters (430 square feet) 

In the pack include 1 Mosquito killer and USB cable.

Free Shipping via USPS

Warehouses in Australia, Spain, France, Italy, and the United States.

And deliveries are free. Yes, no extra costs.
Tracking numbers for all orders to monitor delivery in real-time.


  • Non-toxic and chemical-free
  • Choice of black or white
  • Very compact and portable
  • Three-in-one bug trap


  • Not always in stock
  1. Hoont Mosquito Killer and Gnat Fly Trap Killer 

Hoont Mosquito killer and Trap is a perfect unit to prevent your Mosquito both indoors and outdoors. It is ideal for areas like home, office, kitchens, restaurants, schools, gardens, yards, pool area, commercial and industrial use.

This product features bright UV bulb which flies find irresistible. It also has fun that catches the flies inside the Trap and prevents them from escaping.

The Trap is only used to control Mosquito but attracts other insects flies, gnats, flies, wasps, beetles, and much more.

To operate the product, you need to plug in the Trap into electricity and your area become Mosquito free.

It comes with an optional stand that can help keep the product elevated.

Looking for something to be used at areas with kid and pest, this is the right product because it attracts Mosquito without harmful chemicals.

  1. SereneLife UV Mosquito Trap

The SereneLife UV Bug Zapper traps and safely eliminates unwanted insects since it doesn’t use any toxic chemicals, Power or substance.

This Electric Mosquito Killer Trap kills most insects and bugs such as Mosquitoes, flies, moth bedbugs and other crawling or flying insects.

It uses UV or Ultraviolent light Bulb to attract and lure the insects. When the insect comes near the killer machine, they are trapped and electrocuted by electrically charged Voltage Metal Grids.

This Trap can be used in both outdoor and indoor. It gives you a large coverage of over 200 square feet. It is ideal for using inside the Sitting Room, Bedroom, Garage, and kitchen, Restaurant, Hospitals, and Camping. It can be used both daytime and nighttime.

It is easy to clean the SereneLife UV Mosquito Trap. It comes with a removable Tray at the bottom for easier disposal. The Tray must be emptied every day for sanitary purposes.

  1. Katchy  Indoor Insect Trap 

Getting rid of Mosquitoes and other harmful insects doesn’t need the use of pesticides or chemical products which are sometimes dangerous to our environment.

Katchy Indoor Insect Trap offers the best solution and protection to your family from pesky Mosquitoes.

Katchy Indoor Insect Trap works best for catching Mosquitoes, gnats, and fruits fly.

 It has a UV light which lures insect then the fan sucks them in, and the super sticky glue makes sure they don’t escape.

 This trap is not very useful for big house flies.

This trap is Non- toxic, odorless, and doesn’t use electric zapping. It is very safe for small children and pets.

It is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency.

To operate this trap is very effortless. You should set up the trap close to the insects as possible.

Make sure you plug it into the wall or USB power source and let it do the rest.

It works best in Kitchen, bedroom, office, garage, covered porch or cottage.

The Katchy insect trap connect to the power bank, making it suitable for areas no electricity such as camping, cabins or other enclosed places.

Katchy Trap works best in a dark and closed room. Rated voltage 5V, Rated Power 5W, Rated frequency 60Hz, coverage area 365nm-395nm.

If you don’t notice a difference after using the bug catcher, you should contact the manufacturer within one year for a full refund

 If you want some peace from insects at home, on vacation or the road, the versatile, portable, environmentally friendly KATCHY insect killer Trap is your best solution

H20 mosquito traps

H2O mosquito trap traps

  1. Lumapest Insect Trap & Bug Zapper  

Have you been driven crazy by Mosquitoes, flies, gnats, wasps, and bugs? Well, you will no longer have to deal with them, thanks to the Lumapest insect trap.

This insect killer machine attracts and eliminates any insect that comes near it.

Lumapest Insect Trap is a Nontoxic solution. It doesn’t use pest repelling sprays and other harmful chemicals to get rid of mosquitoes. Lumapest has a safer nontoxic solution to the insect problem. It has a UV light, and a water tray that attracts many different kinds of bugs, and the suction fan collects them into a bucket. Theirs is no need for chemicals, zapping or electric shock.

Lumapest can be used both indoor and outdoor. When used outdoor, it has a four-legged base stand to stabilize on the lawn or any other surface. You can still use the Trap indoor without the stand. The Trap has a waterproof system so that it can be used even in raining season.

It is effortless to operate the Trap. You only need to plug it power using to its long wire, and the UV bulb will light up. Cleaning is super easy. You only need to remove the tray and wash it with warm water and let it dry so that you can use it again. That was easy, wasn’t it?

Lumapest trap comes with two years warranty. If Your first two years since purchasing seems to malfunction, you can contact the Lamapest Company and they will either fix it or replace the problematic Mosquito Trap. Lumapest is very confident about the efficacy, quality, and practicality of their insect trap with the stand.

CO2 mosquito traps

CO2 mosquito traps

  1. DynaTrap Insect Trap (DT1050)

The Dynatrap insect trap attracts, traps and kills Mosquito and other flying insects in three ways. Which include:

It features a fluorescent UV bulb that produces warm blue light that attracts the Mosquito.

It also features a titanium dioxide-coated surface that produces CO2.

The Trap has a powerful, whisper-quiet fan that pulls and traps insects inside the catch basket without using any harmful pesticides or other chemicals. The Mosquito is retained in the cage or catch basket where they are dehydrated and die within 24 hours.

This product is ideal for outdoor and indoor to eliminate flying insects such as mosquitoes, biting flies, Asian beetles, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, moths, and stink bugs. Also, it is suitable for use in all weather conditions.

The Dynatrap 1050 offers coverage up to ½ an acre, but the company offers other models that cover different coverage area. Refer below for you to get the right model for the right coverage area

Other Dynatrap models   

DynaTrap n/aa Insect Trap (DT1260)   – covers 1/2 acres, poles included and eliminates Mosquito in 3-ways

DynaTrap Insect Trap (DT1000) –  covers 1/2 acres; hanging chains included and eliminates Mosquito in 3-ways

DynaTrap Insect Trap (DT1100)  – covers 1/2 acres, wall mount included and eliminates Mosquito in 3-ways

DynaTrap Outdoor Insect Trap (DT1750) – covers 3/4 acres, hanging but chain not included and eliminates Mosquito in 3-ways with AtraktaGlo LightDynaTrap Insect Trap (DT1775)  –  covers  1 acre, hanging but chain not included and eliminates Mosquito in 3-ways with AtraktaGlo Light

It is advisable you place the Trap at least 20- 40 feet away from where people will be sitting. It also plugs into a standard 110V outlet.

How to operate Dynatrap insect trap

During high insect, season twists the top of the Trap to on position and let it run continuously for better results.

To remove the dead insect twist and remove the retaining cage at the bottom to quickly dispose of the insect and clean it using the brush provided.

To easily mount this product, it comes with a hanging chain.

Advantage Of Dynatrap insect trap

This mosquito trap uses no chemical, pesticides, propane or attractants to kill Mosquito.

Disadvantages Of Dynatrap insect trap

If you need an instant result, this is not the product to use it requires three weeks to trap enough mosquitoes to make an impact and six weeks to break the breeding cycle.

  1. DynaTrap Insect Trap (DT1210)

The DynaTrap Insect Trap DT1210 protects the insect using 4-ways protection with no chemicals, pesticides, and propane.

4-way protection includes:

•    It features a powerful whisper-quiet fan that captures Mosquito without buzzing.

•    It has a warm fluorescent UV bulb which attracts mosquitoes

•    It has a titanium dioxide-coated surface that releases CO2

•    It has a water tray that attracts the egg-laying insect.

For easy installation, this product comes with a pole stand and is installed into a standard 110-volt outlet.

This product delivers up to ½ an acre

  1. Blue Rhino Bite-Guard Insect Trap

Blue Rhino insect trap captures the insect using seven different ways, which include:

1.    Generate warmth to mimic the human body, therefore, attract mosquito and lures them

2.    It has titanium dioxide with UV, which creates CO2 just like human being exhale.

3.    It has a vacuum which creates suction when insect get nears

4.    It has OneBait lure which emits the scent that attracts mosquito. The smell produced mimic human skin scents and odor.

5.    It has a bulb which produces ultraviolet light which attracts mosquito.

6.    It has Tractrap patented adhesive paper which contains different glue that attracts mosquitoes. The Tractrap is replaceable, and you can buy TracTrap Replacements

7.    It has wave dome which interrupts the insect flight path, therefore, direct them to the trap.

The trap cover an approximately ½ acre and uses 120 Volts

The Blue Rhino insect trap offers a variety of model, but the difference is each one of them includes different acres and uses a different volt

Other blue Rhino insect trap according to volts and acres.

Blue Rhino Bite-Guard Insect- 900 Volt 1/2 Acre Bug Zapper 

Blue Rhino Bite-Guard Insect Trap – SkeeterVac Electric 900 Volt 1/2 Acre

Blue Rhino Bite-Guard 2,300 Volt 1 Acre Bug Zapper 

SkeeterVac Mosquito Trap Review

Best indoor mosquito trap

Best Indoor Mosquito trap

  1. DynaTrap Indoor Insect Trap (DT0500IN)

This Dynatrap product is an indoor insect trap that helps protect your home from flying insect that carries diseases.

It requires electricity to operate, make sure you can easily plug into standard 110 volts outlet.

The Trap has a stylish design and is wall mountable to protect up to 1250 feet of indoor space, making it ideal for kitchens, dining rooms, and offices. This brand has more model that has different acre coverage. Find out here

This Trap traps insect with no use of chemical, pesticides, or propane.

Indoor Trap comes with mounting hardware, which makes it possible to be mounted on the wall or can be placed on the tabletop.

The UV bulb can be used for 3,000 hours or approximately four months, but the replacement bulb is available in the nearest store.

It traps insects using 3-ways protection, which includes:

•    Features fluorescent UV bulb which emits a warm blue light that attracts insect

•    It has a titanium dioxide-coated surface that produces carbon dioxide which attracts the insect.

•    It has a powerful vacuum fan that quietly captures insects in the retaining cage where they dehydrate and die within 24 hours.

Best Propane Mosquito Trap
Propane Mosquito trap
  1. Koolatron Guardian Pro Bite Shield Cordless Propane Mosquito Trap

The Koolatran mosquito trap requires the installation of a 20-pound propane tank which is sold separately. It converts propane gas into carbon dioxide and uses octanol to attract mosquito. It emits moisture and heat similar to that given off from the human body which attracts mosquito.

It has an airflow vacuum that sucks the insects where they dehydrate and die. The vacuum is powered by thermoelectric technology for use even where there is a power outage.

This product is a cordless trap and powerful to cover 1-acre.

Biteshield Mosquito Trap Guardian – Covers Up to One Acre and Powered by propane (20-gallon tank not included)

Mosquito Magnet MM3300B Executive Mosquito Trap– uses propane which converts into carbon dioxide (propane tank not included)

Best Mosquito Trap Outdoor
Mosquito trap outdoor
  1. Mosquito Magnet MM4200B Patriot Plus Mosquito Trap

The Mosquito Magnet MM4200B is an Odorless and silent Mosquito Trap, which efficiently attracts and captures mosquitoes and other pesky insects including House flies, Black flies, no-see-ums and many other aggravating pests. It can cover an area of up to one acre and is for outdoor use only.

The Mosquito magnet trap protects up to one acre of, and the exclusive 360-degree support ensures that you are entirely protected to all angles around the Trap.

The Mosquito Magnet MM4200B Trap works by mimicking the way humans attract mosquitoes and different insects. It uses a counterflow technology, whereby it emits a combination of carbon dioxide, heat, and Moisture, attracting, capturing and keeping away Mosquito and other insects from you and your surroundings.

The Trap is designed out of heavy-duty metal and plastic, making it very long-lasting and durable. It has a huge trap bag, making it easier to maintain the Trap since you don’t have to clean out the Net often. The MM4200D Trap comes already assembled, you don’t have to spend hours assembling and putting parts together.

To disrupt the Mosquito breeding cycles, the Mosquito Magnet MM4200B Trap should be used continuously, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the best result.

  1. Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer

The Flowtron BK electronic insect killer is recommended for outdoor use only. It is recommended not to keep the trap within 25 feet area intended for human activity. Also, it should not be attached near the house.

The trap is connected to electricity and uses a 15-watt bulb. The bulb produces ultraviolet black light which eliminates thousands of flying insects. The bulb is easily replaced.

This product can be added octanol attractant, which is optional to lure mosquito.

It has a patented non-clogging killing grid which is powered by a high voltage transformer to lure mosquitoes.

This brand comes in different size according to acre coverage:

Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer, 1 Acre Coverage

Flowtron BK-80D 80-Watt Electronic Insect Killer, 1-1/2 Acre Coverage

Flowtron MT-125 Mosquito PowerTrap 

Best USB Mosquito Trap
USB Mosquito trap 

Hausbell Mosquito Killer, Bug Zapper, Mosquito Trap, Mosquito Killer Lamp Bug Control Inhaler, USB Powered, UL Listed.

Hausbell Mosquito trap works excellent with an attractant, which is placed at the bottom. The attractant is sold separately.

This product attracts mosquito using LED light, which is all around the unit. Once the mosquito is drawn, the trap has 360 all-around suction where the mosquitoes are sucked into a removable cage with built-in cage. The mosquito will be dehydrated to death by the strong airflow.

How to use Hausbell mosquito trap

Make sure you use it in dark and closed places  

Place the attractant at the bottom of the unit to make it more effective.

Make sure you have closed all the doors and windows.

Place it 0.7-1meter above the ground.

Turn it 3 hours before you sleep and make sure the light is off.

Continuously run it for more than one week in the room to kill almost all mosquitoes.

Clean it once in 2-4 weeks.

It is USB powered making the Hausbell mosquito trap portable. Also, it is compact and lightweight making it easy to carry from one place like the living room, store, kitchen, enclosed garage bedroom, basement, café, restaurant, office or any outdoor enclosed space

The fan is silent, uses no chemicals and non-toxic, making this trap perfect and safe for babies, toddler, and pregnant mom.

More USB Mosquito Killer trap 

BLQH Bug Zapper, Electronic Mosquito Killer, USB Powered Insect Trap Lamp, LED UV Light Insect Killer Fly Catcher Pest Control for Indoor and Outdoor Camping – Black

DOUHE Mosquito Killer Insect Trap Intelligent Control Fruit Fly Trap, Indoor Insect Killer, Mosquito, Fruit Fly, Gnat UV Light, USB Powered, Built-in Fan 2019 Brown- 

Mosquito trap is one of the safe ways to control mosquitoes because no harmful chemicals used. Make sure you choose the right place to put for it to be effective.

Where to place mosquito trap

The mosquito trap can be used either indoors or outdoors.

An indoor trap is used inside the house while outdoor are used outside the house.

I cannot afford/ I don’t want mosquito trap what other alternatives

For those who cannot afford or you don’t want mosquito trap the other alternative you have is to make at home.

DIY Mosquito trap that works

I have prepared lists of websites that can help make a mosquito trap at home. The materials used to make are readily available at your nearest store or online store.

Homemade mosquito trap using brown sugar and Yeast

How to make a plastic bottle mosquito trap

Homemade mosquito trap vinegar

Homemade mosquito trap dish soap

Does mosquito trap work with other light?

Mosquito trap works with all lighting condition but it is more effective in dark rooms that when the ultraviolet is more attractive to flies.

Do DIY mosquito trap work?

Homemade mosquito trap works well.
For instance, the trap made of sugar and Yeast the final product produces carbon dioxide that is an excellent attractant to the mosquito.
Making a mosquito trap using dish soap also works well. Make the trap using dish soap place it outside or where there is a mosquito. Since mosquito are attracted to water, they will get inside and get trapped eventually die.
Also making mosquito trap using vinegar works very well. The vinegar is mixed with baking soda, and once they come into contact, they produce carbon dioxide, which attracts mosquito well.

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