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How To Get Rid of Mosquitoes in the home

Mosquitoes have been around the world for the last 30 million years. They are Cosmopolitan, they are found almost everywhere in the world. Mosquitoes are tough to fight. There are many solutions on how to deal with and get rid of mosquitoes. This pesky insect is not only annoying with their constant buzzing presence, but also put a lot of risk to many people of contracting Malaria and other deadly diseases including Dengue fever, Zika Virus, and the West Nile Virus.

How To Deal With And Get Rid of Mosquitoes

 Mosquitoes use Chemical, Visual and Heat Sensors to find people and other Animals to Bit and suck blood, in the process spreading dangerous diseases to people. People normally give out Carbon dioxide and heat through breathing and sweating, mosquitoes are expert in sensing heat, carbon dioxide, and lactic acid even from a long distance.

 A mosquito has three basic body parts. This is the Head, Thorax, and Abdomen. In the head, there is a biting apparatus called Palpus and Proboscis, two compound eyes and the chemical sensor called antennae. Wings, Legs, heart, nerve ganglia and tracheoles are found in the Thorax. The abdomen is where the digestive system and excretory organs are found.

Keeping Mosquitoes Away

Keeping mosquitoes away from your house and the surrounding area can be frustrating, but getting rid of them can be easy. Mosquitoes are normally drawn to our houses and compounds by Carbon dioxide, Odors, humidity, heat, and even sweat. Many people turn to store to buy repellents, some which contain Pesticide chemical which is harmful to both human being and Pets. These Chemicals when used for long, normally causes one to experience health issues like Shortness of breath, Muscle Pain, Headaches, fatigue and sometimes even Memory loss.

There are various natural ways of keeping mosquitos away from our Homes and Surrounding areas. These include:

  • Clearing bushes and getting rid of stagnant water around our Home.
how to keep mosquitoes away

Bush, tall grass, and stagnant water create the best environment for Mosquito to hide and to lay their eggs. Clear Bushes in your surround, keep your lawn short, get rid of all the stagnant water. Clear all the rubbish. Remember Car Tyres, Tins, Cups or even pet bowl with water will act as a breeding ground for Mosquitoes.

  • Gutter Cleaning for Mosquito Control
how to control mosquitoes

House’s Gutter when dirty is normally full of leaves, debris, and residual water. This stagnant water on your gutter creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Dirty gutters will almost always contain residual water from a recent rainstorm. It is important to clean your gutter before and after the rainy season, making sure it is free from debris so that water can flow freely.

  • Plant lemongrass and other mosquito-repelling herbs
how to get rid of mosquitoes naturally

Do you know that Mosquito and other harmful insects don’t decimate on Lemongrass, Lavender, Marigolds, Citronella Grass, Catnip, Rosemary, Basil, and Scented Geraniums?  These Herbs contain a smell that mosquitoes hate. If you don’t like using chemical sprays in your beautiful garden, then grow some of these herbs to naturally keep away Mosquitoes and other pesky Insects.

  • Insect-Proof your House.

Check your Doors, Windows, and Screens, replace or repair any that are broken or with holes in them that can let mosquitoes in. Make sure you use weather stripping to seal all the Door gaps, especially above and under the door. Taking all these measures will really keep Mosquitoes away from your house.

  • Stay indoors during Dusk hours when Mosquitoes are active.
mosquito repellent

 House Mosquito and many other types of Mosquitoes are usually most active during the evening, night, and dusk or dawn hours. Mosquitoes avoid daylight because sun heat exposure dehydrates and kill them. Try to stay safely indoors during these times. If you step out during this time, make sure you have extra protection on hand to protect your exposed skin from mosquito bites

  • Use mosquito Nets to protect your family at night.
The long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets(LLINs)

Sleeping under a Mosquito Net at night is one of the most effective ways of keeping mosquito away and preventing malaria. The Net should specifically be treated with long-lasting insecticide. Make sure you drape well the Net around the bed or Mat so that it touches the floor in all sides. This will prevent these pesky Mosquitoes from getting inside the Net to bit your exposed skin. The long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets(LLINs) is one of the effective and recommended measures to keep mosquito away especially to vulnerable groups which include children under 5 years of age and pregnant women.

  • Use Yellow LED Lights.

Make sure you use Lights like Yellow LED that doesn’t attract Mosquitoes. Place them around doorways, porches, and Windows. A mosquito has trouble perceiving light with lower color temperature like Yellow LED Light since it is difficult for mosquitoes to see the light source, Hence mosquitoes won’t hang around.

  • Keep mosquito away with a Fan

The large electric fan generates wind which keeps mosquitoes away because they are weak fliers. Fan breeze also disperses the human emanations which usually allow mosquitos to detect us. It is recommended to use a fan in our backyard to protect ourselves and our pets from Mosquitoes and at the same time keep ourselves both cooler and unbitten.

  • Cover your body with full loose clothing.

When you step outside or enjoying your selves at the backyard, make sure you wear trousers and long-sleeved shirts to protect your selves from Mosquitoes. You may also spray your clothing with repellent for protection. Do not wear heavy and dark clothing in warm weather since mosquitoes are attracted to warm bodies and sweat. Also, avoid wearing scent when outside during mosquito season. Mosquito is attracted to the scent produced by most of the perfumes that we wear.

Mosquitoes can be eliminated by using a machine that produces heat and carbon dioxide to lure mosquitoes, catch and then kill them. This killer machines although they are expensive, It is a very effective way of tackling and getting rid of mosquitoes. Most marketed Sprays and insecticide are toxic chemicals which are very harmful to our health.

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  • Use Mosquito Insecticide.

Use of insecticide to get rid of mosquitoes both indoor and outdoor is the most effective but is only temporary. Once the effect of insecticide is over, the mosquitoes come back. Mosquito insecticides are dispensed through a Spray like Fogger or ultra-low volume mist. They are usually available in most of the home and garden stores.

For those people who commonly live in humid areas and around Swamps, Dams or Lakes, I would recommend they seek advice from experts, who will be able to do research and recommend the best long-lasting solution to your mosquito problem.

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