Reducing Malaria by Using Drugs that make blood lethal.

Reducing malaria by use of lethal blood

Reducing Malaria by Using Drugs that make blood lethal.

There is a study that has shown the spread of Malaria could be reduced in the future by making use of a drug called Ivermectin. This Drug when used on a human being, it makes Blood poisonous to Mosquitoes.

Malaria can be reduced by a Drug that makes Human blood ‘lethal’, study shows

The scientist has carried out trials in Burkina Faso and it has been shown to reduce cases of Malaria among children by 20 percent.

The research has recommended treating Adults including, Pregnant women and children under the age of 5 years with the Ivermectin Drug which controls the spread of malaria and it doesn’t have any side effects.


The new approach of using the Drug to prevent the spread and infections of malaria research has shown it could reduce or slow down the Mosquitoes’ ability to resist Malaria, dengue, West Nile virus, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever, and other infectious diseases.

Currently, a lot of conventional insecticides and anti-malarial in the Market have been ineffective and hampering the eradication effort.

Malaria Life Cycle

How to kill Mosquito

The life cycle of Malaria is split between the Host Mosquitos and the Humans, the Malaria Parasite passes into the Human Blood when the Mosquito bites. It then Matures and multiplies. It then waits to be transmitted to the next mosquito to reproduce.

Ivermectin Drug

When Ivermectin Drug is used on a human, it makes a person’s blood lethal to the Mosquitoes that bite them, killing the Mosquitoes and hence reducing the chances of infection of other people.

Already other Parasites causing river blindness and scabies have been treated by Invermectin Drug but its effects on malaria spread haven’t been researched in a large trial.

The study was done in Burkina Faso in Africa for 18 weeks recruiting over 2700 people, which included 590 children across 8 Villages. Have of them were receiving a dose of the drug every 3 weeks.

Lethol Mosquito Drugs

Regular visits my Medics could assess children for malaria symptoms by confirming with a blood test. The Medics were Happy to find that twice as many children in the treatment group didn’t have malaria attacks

There was an average of 2 Malaria attacks per child in the treatment group compared to 2.49 in the control Villages, without any additional harmful effects.

If the findings are replicated in larger studies ivermectin’s unique way of working could help reduce the burden of malaria and control mosquito populations.

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