Its challenging being at the cutting edge of tech as a consumer in the world- hardware distribution system for May tech companies fails us, leaving us at the mercy of international E-commerce sites if we’re to satisfy our geeky needs.

The Costs and time required to shop and ship can be quite discouraging, so most of us give up in the Middle, aware that there are systems out there that can solve our problems, but we have to wait.

Sadly, this was the case with mesh wifi which is a solution to dealing with the demand for internet connectivity from our ever-increasing devices. You  couldn’t find a local company that provides these systems

All’s not lost though. Thankfully, we can buy almost anything online. We shall discuss some of the examples for mesh wifi system offering found on e-commerce sites.

Google Home

Amazon is a good starting place as it delivers some items to the world and has a good repertoire of mesh systems.

First on the list is Google Home. As with most things Google, this product comes with an easy-to-use implanted into its DNA. It’s sold as one pack or three- pack option. The devices themselves are puck-like wireless Hub that is quite intelligent and a breeze to set up.

One of their notable features is channel optimization. When you connect the device to your home network, it’ll scan the room for wireless channels in use but other devices and use the least populated one for optimum performance.

It will check for interference possibly brought on by other wireless devices and configure itself appropriately. This is great for those who live in an apartment and have many wireless routers nearby. The app even advises you on where to place your hub for optimal performance.

The accompanying app for these devices is also the great feature and thought you can also set up and manages multiple wifi networks in different geographical areas

This is quite handy for small business owners as they can control both their Home wifi and business wifi from one place.


The Samsung smart Things wifi mesh router system, aside from just being a wifi hub also acts as a hub for Samsung’s households products that have artificial intelligence embedded in them.

Using the smart home hub app, you can also control the host of third-party smart products from bulbs to door locks and refrigerators. Just like its counterpart from Google, SmartThing is easy to set up using an app and comes as a three –pack.

It also features access limitation for wifi, enabling you to control the device, time and bandwidth access for all users. The system supports up to 32 hubs, so its easy to use in a commercial setting.

One of the stands out feature of this offering is that it uses artificial intelligence from a company known as a plume to optimize the wireless connection. This way, it provides devices with higher wife requirement s the most resources when they need them. That means in a typical home setting, the TV that’s streaming would get more bandwidth than the smart bulbs whose requirement are much lower.

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